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Here's some other icons made with this tut:


 Ok, here I am again with a new tutorial.

Today we're gonna go from
this  to this

Other icons made with this tutorial:


Please comment if you find this tut useful or if you have any questions

Kill Bill Vol 1

Well, I have to say this - I'm a Tarantino fan, and his movies are great. "Kill Bill' was the first movie by Tarantino I saw, and I'm still in love with the picture. About a year ago or so I saw some wonderful "Kill Bill" icons at

lined_with_eyes, and I was so inspired by her post that I decided to make a hundred Kill Bill icons too. Here they are, under the cut, and I tried to place them in chronological order. If some of them look similar to those bysmercy, this is purely coincidential and unintentional. I'd rather kill myself than steal or copy anyone's icons.



The rules are the same:

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Noel Fielding tutorial

Well, here's my first tutorial, hope it will be useful for you

how to go from this  to this

Made in Photoshop CS2, involves Selective Coloring

Comments are luv, as usual

Yesterday don't matter if it's gone...

What have we got here? Stone Temple Pilots! I've never been their fan, but they certainly have some cool songs. And Scott Weiland is really very handsome. I just love him in Velvet Revolver, they all are so cool (and it's a shame they don't tour Russia). The first icon was made for rockicontest and took third place.
The second part of the post is all about "Ruby Tuesday" by The Rolling Stones. I love this song, it has wonderful melody and lovely lyrics, and I've always wanted to make lyrical icons of it, but I could find the font. And then suddenly I came across this wonderful font used by fuyu_icons and I simply fell in love with it. It's simple but expressive and looks good. Hope you'll like it!

{8} STP and Scott Weiland
{10} Ruby Tuesday lyrical icons 



While the sun is bright, or in the darkest night...Collapse )

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A Little Bit of Sa-i-yu-ki

Well, I haven't posted anime icons here for quite a long time. So I guess it's time to do this!
First, I've got some saiyuki icons, mostly Gojyo, because he's my favourite, and Sanzo. And also there's some icons of Ah!My Goddess.

{5}Ah!My Goddess Colours


Comments are love!
-Credit applecinnaicons 
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The site where I usually host my icons is having some problems right now, so you won't see here much. I've contacted the administrator and he told me that they'll fix the problem as soon as possible.
I'm leaving for about three days. And if the situation won't change when I'm back, I'll re-upload icons to the other site.

Thank you.

Icons, icons, icons!

I've been away for some time, but, luckily, I had my laptop with me, so I was listening to Led Zeppelin and made lots of LZ icons, mostly with Robert Plant, and some LZ lyrical icons. And also I've foung some wonderful photos of Steven Tyler!
So, what do we have here?

{36} Led Zeppelin
{7} Led Zeppelin Lyrical icons
{12} Steven Tyler


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Poison Icons part 3 + Pretty Boy Floyd

So, here's another bunch of Poison icons and some Pretty Boy Floyd icons I made for 80's Hair Metal Icon Festival.

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-Feel free to add  applecinnaiconsif you like what you see


Poison Icons part 2

25 Poison Icons for 80s Hair Metal Icon Festival


Pick up that guitar and talk to me!Collapse ) 

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