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apple&cinnamon icons
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This is ballkrusher's icon journal. "Applecinna" stands for apple and cinnamon. I don't know why I've named my icon journal like that, maybe because I like apple and cinnamon flavoured tea.
As a rule, I make rock stars and anime icons, but you can find other icons here as well. I've just started this journal, so there isn't much here yet, but I hope there'll be more icons and other graphics here soon.


The first and the most important rule: we speak ENGLISH here! This community is somewhat international and English is kind of an international language. I prefer British English - I learn it at university - and I get mad when I see an indefinite article missin'.
And please be friendly to each other and to me, of course.

Other rules connected with icons.

1. All icons and other graphics in this community are SHARE. This means each user can take as much icons as he likes, even if they are already used by someone else.

2. Comments are Love! Please do comment if you take my icons. If you don't take them but you still like them, feel free to comment!

3. Credit ballkrusher or applecinnaicons

4. Don't even think about stealing my icons and claiming them as your own! I'll find that out and kill you with my Japanese sword.

5. Please don't alter my icons in any way. Textless icons are not bases. If you want to add some text on my icons, tell me and I'll do that.

6. Please do not hotlink. Right-click, save, upload.

7. Feel free to add me if you like my icons.

and please forgive my broken english - i'm still learning it.




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